The Loveandfriends “Network” – what exactly is that?

Plus the primary www. web site sitself we now have an amount of good quality partner web sites that backlink to us as an element of our ‘Loveandfriends Whitelabel system’

All internet web sites share the exact same database of people but simply have actually a different sort of ‘Front End’. Some situations consist of a website for Ecology minded people, one for animal fans and another for visitors of the magazine that is national. Having a ‘Network’ of web internet web sites in this manner assists us attract a mix that is good of individuals. We have actually a lot of people of our primary website www. whenever we just take the Ecology site as one example Who are into ‘Ecology’ so the special ‘EcoSearch’ facility on the Ecology themed site shall search these away also people in the Ecology web site it self.

There are more Whitelabel dating companies that run multiple sites – the Loveandfriends system has two USPs:

  • No Adult/Casual sites/content/affiliation.
  • Aimed more at ‘Thinking individuals’ / graduates

In the event that you could be thinking about getting your very own partner site for zero setup price then please stick to the website link at the end each and every web page and e mail us.

How can you compare with other internet internet web sites?

We have been perhaps perhaps maybe not the greatest site that is dating the UK, nor do we desire to be. But, the more expensive web internet internet sites have a tendency to simply simply just take a more market that is mass while having more ‘vanilla’ taste while they need certainly to impress to any or all.

There are smaller sites that are UK give attention to a lot more specific ‘niches’ than loveandfriends. These are apt to have considerably less users than we now have. They might give attention to folks who are affluent, upmarket, clever, gorgeous, ethical, etc. Or whom think they participate in certainly one of these categories; -)

We just like the concept of loveandfriends being a wider church than that. A location where an actress could satisfy a banker, teacher a train motorist or an au set a millionaire. Checkout our pages – we’ve bucket lots of brainpower and much more people russian brides club that are gorgeous you are able to shake a stick at but additionally lots of regular folk also.

Volume of users is very important. In case the database is tiny then your solution is not likely to be good – you do require a specific ‘critical mass’ of people. We went beyond that full years back. Nonetheless once you can get beyond a point that is certain amount will not matter a great deal whilst the form of individuals.

It really is a little such as a birthday party that is big. If you can find just 3 individuals when you look at the space it is a bit unfortunate, 10 is much better, 20+ is great, but as soon as you get beyond say 150 people including a lot more people does not ensure it is a better celebration as visitors have not the full time to generally meet most of the suitable individuals anyhow. Definitely better to own 150 compatible(ish) individuals than a whole blended case of 500.

Everything we’re getting at is while the larger web internet web sites make a song that is big party of ‘we now have 1 million people’. Loveandfriends’ 100,000 users contains much more appropriate people than you aspire to realistically contact/meet anyhow.

The web dating landscape has changed markedly since we setup in 1999. Numerous web web internet sites are now actually section of bigger mass-market ‘Whitelabel Networks’ and indeed many (arguably many) are affiliated to Adult/Casual sites aswell. At Loveandfriends we’re nevertheless really ‘Old school’ in this feeling and tend to be proud that individuals have actually

  • No sites/content/affiliation that is adult/Casual.
  • A account directed at more ‘Thinking individuals’

Lots of people now join one or more site that is dating why perhaps perhaps not join loveandfriends along with one of many other people?

Where do your members originate from?

Our company is extremely very happy to state that our biggest solitary way to obtain members is tips from current users. Which ultimately shows our web web site is working. Our users additionally bring us the greatest brand new members

We top this up with considerable web marketing through Google along with other advertising. Lots of your account charges we throw right back down on advertising to get brand new people.

Numerous users also result from our partner web web sites – understand part above in the Loveandfriends “Network”. We also provide an easy affiliate scheme – whereby for those who have a webpage we spend as much as 100% payment on recommendations.

Are your users genuine?

‘Undesirables’ may be broadly divided in to two primary types on online dating sites:

  • Spammers/Scammers
  • ‘Dodgy’ individuals

We’ll set down our stall: Loveandfriends is for good anyone else searching for the relationship or even it’s the perfect time. ‘Dodgy’ individuals e.g. Hitched individuals in search of affairs or individuals hunting for solely casual encounters that are sexual perhaps perhaps not welcome on our web site. We do not like to come accross as holier-than-thou but our web web site is in fact simply not made for this. There are several web web sites with this kind of thing – just Google ‘Adult dating’ or ‘Casual dating’.

We do get some good ‘Dodgy’ people joining – most we block before their profile goes live the others (whom slip through our inter net) we boot these down since quickly because they have reported by users. We tell possible people if you’re following this kind of thing then do not join with loveandfriends while you will be wasting both time and ours.

Spammers/Scammers are usually people who setup multiple fake pages and e-mail as many people as you can. Their motive should be to enter into a cyber-relationship with users over a weeks that are few to inquire about them for the money via Western Union become provided for Africa/Russia. Typical stories consist of: some grouped member of the family is critically sick, they truly are in Gambia on vacation and also been robbed; they require the funds for a visa/flight admission to come go to the British.

We especially invest lots of some time resources on blocking the spammers and scammers. We zap most among these before they have the ability to deliver any communications. The remainder that is small periodically slip through get reported and zapped asap.

We are able to additionally ensure you that people have never – ever – compensate pages to attract people.

Just What advice can I am given by you on internet dating?

Spend amount of time in composing a profile that is good/complete.

Upload a good picture. Significantly more than 3 million individuals in the united kingdom are dating online – so there’s no necessity become bashful. Pages with a decent picture get a definitely better response. In reality if you do not have a photograph you could since very well be hidden. You have access to away with without having a picture in 1999 although not in 2012 – individuals will almost certainly simply assume the worst when there is no picture on the profile and never bother calling you.

We could make use of any size/format of picture e.g. Cropping you from a combined team shot. Do not upload just any old photo or a webscam shot! When you haven’t a great picture invest in one single. At the minimum get a pal to simply take lots (50++) of pictures of you by having a digicam or so on. A minumum of one of them will be okay.

Be proactive. Checkout our success tales web page called ‘Statistics of triumph’. Okay some individuals got fortunate quickly – however you’ll note that many penned lots of email messages before finding their partner. Ladies – make the effort and deliver some email messages or winks. Do not simply upload your profile and expect the globe to conquer a road to your home.

Just Take knockbacks in your stride. Not everybody shall wish to fulfill you. You also will most likely not would you like to satisfy everyone else that displays a pastime in you. Frequently individuals do not bother responding rather than saying ‘ Many Many Many Thanks but no many thanks’. We are sorry about any of it but this is certainly component an parcel of Web Dating.

Utilize it in your profile of conference individuals. Loveandfriends is a good means of fulfilling new people however it is maybe not just a silver bullet. Loveandfriends is much more more likely to work if you’re doing other stuff that is interesting well. Do a little other things that requires meeting individuals – party classes, recreations, classes, walking, pub quiz, book groups, speed dating, toastmasters, charity work, church stuff, etc., etc evening.

Broaden your perspectives. You shouldn’t be too certain on whom you’d think about. Keep in mind we have been love and buddies. There is certainly the possibility you might satisfy a fascinating individual who actually is an acquaintance or friend. Then you can somewhat call the shots if you are 21, female and beautiful or similarly eligible. Everybody else: you will need to ‘get genuine’ aided by the type of individuals you will be ready to satisfy. Needless to say – opt for the babes or hunks but try not to just concentrate on them. Appearance are not every thing however they are significant for many people. Give consideration to that many individuals end up getting some body inside a 2 points selection of their particular attractiveness. Therefore in the event that you are express 7 out of 10 then 6-8 is a fair array of people to try using.

Get the buddies aboard: planning to social activities with buddies or on a date that is double your opportunities. Also they could satisfy a person who isn’t any advantageous to them but perfect for both you and the other way around. It might also be considered buddy of a buddy. The overriding point is once you add more folks to your mix – your possibilities multiply.

Simply take a term view that is long. Do not call it quits. Proof from our ‘Statistics of triumph’ web web page suggests that some known people plugged away for a long time before striking gold. Simply simply Take a rest for the couple of weeks by all means. If you learn some body quickly that is a plus. But, do not expect you’ll repeat this while you might be disappointed. We provide yearly subscriptions for a explanation – to help you simply simply simply take things at a leisurely speed as in opposition to hoping to get sorted within 30 days.